The best investment apps

Looking for the best financial app? We have curated a list of best investment app that you might want to have a look.


Better applications are included in this list but it is free to use it. The social network is very cool and it is a good idea because most commercial businesses company in their right mind are on Twitter.


Yahoo Finance does so very precisely; it has the power of being very simple in measuring income. It ‘s UI looks like an old aged app, planned the look with colored paint. Nevertheless, it is accurate and functions effectively.

ChartIQ Practice Trading Simulator:

The same as the simulator for brokerage functionality with this app.  It enables you to choose and improve your trading skills. It can be convenient for those who pay money for apps and on the stock market in general.


If you want to begin investing, but don’t have time or the energy to think much about it, Acorns is a good application for investment. This application enables you to invest small amounts, under the illusion that you are spending money on investment. Simply you can link your debit card to the app. It automatically rounds off the adjustment you are making from your transactions and uses the money to buy investment.



Stast functions just like Acorns but it gives you all the details you need for good investment decisions rather than investing automatically. Users could even invest or create your own portfolio yourself in pre-built portfolio management.

Because Stash is directed at the beginner investor, each step of the process is explained by the investment jargon that


Robinhood provides a convenient gateway to investment since it is aimed at beginners. Robinhood offers the ability to exchange securities with non-commercial prices, with its clear interface and valuable statistics. You have t download the app from the play store. Sign in and create your trading account, and start trading in real-time according to your will.

These are some of the best apps that can help you in investing.


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