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ResellerClub is web hosts that provides reliable web hosting at cheap rates, and just as their name suggest, they are resell we hosting services of other companies. They are based in India and has over more than 2lakhs customers all over the world. Along with that, the company has a management team of 250 people who manages about 2 million websites.

The company is owned by the EIG group, which is the same group that owns hosting providers like Bluehost, Hostgator, etc. ResellerClub provides its users with a lot of hosting options and besides that they also have a lot of features that are available with those plans.

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Types of Hosting Offered by Reseller Club 

Shared Web Hosting:

There are three web hosting plans available with ResellerClub. Those are the Personal Plan, Business Plan, Pro Plan.

Personal: This plan comes with certain features which are single domain, free SSL certificates, unmetered disk space, unlimited data transfer, Free Plesk and unlimited email accounts. And all of these features are available at a mere price of $2.49 per month.

 Business: The business plan comes with 5 free domains, Unmetered disk space, unmetered data transfer, unlimited email accounts and free Plesk. Now, all the features may seem the same but they will be a bit better than the last plan. This plan is available at a price of $3.49/mo.

Pro: The pro plan is the best shared hosting plan available with ResellerClub and here you will get benefits such as 10 domains, Unlimited email accounts, Free Plesk, unmetered data transfer, unmetered disk space & free SSL certificates. All this will be available at a price range of $4.49 per month.

WordPress Hosting:

There are four different plans when it comes to WordPress Hosting but there is a little twist. There are two versions of the WordPress Hosting and those are WordPress Lite and WordPress + Security.  The prices of both these are quite different. So, choose accordingly. The details shared here are of the WordPress Lite.

Starter: This one comes with 1 website, 2 Cores, 2 GB RAM. Unlimited email accounts, 5 GB storage, etc. All this is available at $2.49/ month.

Performance: This one comes with 4 cores, 2 websites, 4 GB RAM, 20 GB storage, Automatic WordPress updates, etc. This plan is available at a price of $2.89/month.

Business: The business plan has features like Automatic WordPress Updates, Unlimited email accounts, pre-installed jetpack plugin, 40 GB storage. All this can be at a price of $3.89/month.

Professional: The professional plan comes with 5 websites, 6 GB RAM, 40 GB storage, WP optimized database, unlimited email accounts, etc. And this plan is available at the price of $4.89/month.

Cloud Hosting:

One of the best plans available with ResellerClub are the Cloud Hosting Plans. There are three plans available with cloud hosting which are Personal SSD, Business SSD and Pro SSD and they are available at $5.99, $7.96 & $8.79 per month respectively.

They come with quite a few features such as Free SSL certificates, unlimited email accounts, free cPanel, unmetered bandwidth, and SSD disk space.  Along with these you will also receive, CPU cores and RAM. When compared to the other hosting plans available with the prices are a bit higher but they do offer some of the best features as well.

Dedicated Hosting

There are three dedicated hosting plans available with ResellerClub. The first plan is the standard plan which comes with 16 GB RAM, 5 TB data transfers, 1 dedicated IP and 2 Free IP’s, full root access, instant provisioning, 2.2 Ghz, etc. and this is available at $108.49/month. Next comes the Pro plan that privides users with 28GB RAM, 10 TB data transfer, full root access, 1 dedicated + 2 free IP’s and instant provisioning and also 2.2 Ghz. This plan is available at a price of $125.99/month. And finally, the Elite plan which comes with 60 GB RAM, 15 TB Data transfer, full root access, instant provision, etc. This plan would cost you $139.99/month.

Reseller Hosting

There are four different plans of Reseller Hosting available with Reseller Club. Those four different plans are R1, R2, r3, & R4 and they are available at $11.39, $14.69, $16.79, & $25.49 per month respectively. The R1 reseller plan comes with 40GB disk space and it also has about 800GB of Data Transfer, whereas the R4 plan has around 4000GB data transfer and 200 GB of disk space.

Apart from these, the plans also come with features such as free SSL certificates, unlimited cPanel accounts, free WHMCS, unlimited accounts, unlimited websites, etc.

Customer Support

Reseller Web Hosting has one of the best customer support services and they are available 24/7. You can contact them via live chat or else you can raise a ticket. You can also get in touch with them via phone. The staff is very well versed and will solve your queries within minutes. They are very supportive as well and will go out of their way to solve your issues. A contact form has been provided on their official website, which you can use to contact them.

Wide Range of Products

ResellerClub is not just limited to web hosting, unlike other web hosts who are just limited to web hosting, email hosting, VPS hosting etc. They have quite a lot of products such as website builder, plugins, logos, etc. They also have quite a lot of premium website themes that you receive upon purchasing their services. Along with all these, there are a few other features as well. Some of those are SiteLock security features and dedicated and VPS servers.

Is Reseller Club the right platform for you?

ResellerClub might be a new web host but that doesn’t mean that they can’t provide reliable web hosting. They have some of the best web hosting plans and not just that the dedicated and WordPress hosting provided by them come with quite a lot of premium features. And some of these features are available for free as well. So, if you are new to the game and are looking for such a web host, who’s going to provide you with reliable web hosting at cheap price, Reseller Hosting would be the right platform for you.

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