How can we prevent someone from having suicidal thoughts?

People are so unhappy these days. Some have many reasons to be unhappy and sad while for some, just one reason is enough to be depressed in their life. Suicide has become one of the main causes of death in this world. Some people are too scared to live in this beautiful yet confusing world, that they are forced to take their own lives. Suicide is preventable. That is possible only when we try to understand our near and dear one who is going through a rough patch in their life. We need to support them and make them realize that no matter what, they will get all the love and understanding.

Leaving people with suicidal thoughts alone is the most dangerous thing ever. It is necessary to keep that person calm and treat him with all your love and compassion. Those who commit suicide must have went through a lot of pain which apparently led them to take such harsh step to end their life. If someone you know, ever talks about how their life has been unfair to them and how they wish to just say goodbye to all, such talks should never be ignored and taken lightly. If you notice any such signs about self-harming, get help.

The person who is suffering might research about ways to kill himself. Before that he might make some amendments for his family like updating a will or giving away his things. These can be the legit signals that he is planning to end his life. Most of the people leave behind a suicide note before they hang themselves or commit suicide.

A depressed person or someone who is mentally unhappy, will gradually lose interests in all the activities and will apparently reduce his conversations and mingling with family members and friends. This is when you need to realize that leaving them alone or giving them some time might prove to be dangerous. So better keep a check on them always.

People with suicidal thoughts will show despair and have strong mood swings. They might even have addictions to alcohol and other drugs. These people can act recklessly can take some dangerous steps which can harm them.

This world has become complicated. Success and failure are two most important parameters which have taken control on our lives. Mutual understanding and love can protect anyone who is facing a rough and hard life, so let’s be compassionate towards everyone because everyone is fighting a battle which we are not aware of.



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