Features of Android 11

Google won’t delay the release of Android 11, as it doesn’t want the android fans to stop availing all the latest features due to pandemic to deter it from introducing its smartphone device later this year. According to the reports, it has been reported on 3rd June it was scheduled to be the internet giant said that it plans to hold an online beta startup. It was, however, canceled and the event in place of the annual Google I/O developer conference.

Let looks at the updates 

Notification history

While each app is still accessible separately to help you find out what the message was about, viewing a message history will improve this process.
The functionality is not entirely new as it has been confirmed to be available since Android 4.3; it’s not used as well, but it has been basically buried under developer menus.

Screen recording

 The Android 11, allowing you to take video footage of your phone operation and screen capturing, while the app results show something. It functions much smoother with added enhancements, such as options for microphone and screen touch capturing to audio. A few Android phones have screen capture functions as well as  3rd party apps.

Scheduling Dark theme

Android 10 launched the  Dark theme last year. The dark theme has been popular these days, it enables users to lower screen colors and backgrounds and make them less eye-straining . Android 11 improves on this functionality and introduces an option to program whenever dark mode automatically allows you to use this feature. For starters, it can enable you rest the eyes and hold the battery on your phone in these times of the day before you go to bed or at sunset.

Bluetooth in Airplane mode

One of the first things you would possibly do before you go on a flight is to turn on your phone to airplane mode. But that will disable Bluetooth and disconnect any headphones or earbuds you may have. The latest a ndroid 11 has been reported to fix this challenge, which makes airplane mode far smarter than it was before. The update will keep Bluetooth on when airplane mode is enabled and will ensure that your audio on trips is not interrupted.

Mute notifications during video recording

You would also appreciate that Android 11 is said to have an Interface that helps developers to mute sounds when the device is active. If you like to take videos on your camera, you ‘re sure to enjoy it. This would eliminate unexpected disruptions when you shooting videos on your phone.

These are some of the latest updates that can come with Android 11.

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