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We must admit that investment in money has always been one of the most appealing things of the modern world in Best online trading site. While you don’t have to do much yourself, you can make your money work for you. Because we all know the traditional practice of investing as much capital as you can and only depositing it to a bank to earn a certain return on deposits needs to be deemed (and is actually) outdated.

  • The reason is that you could actually get down interest rates on savings from any bank that seemed a good investment 20-30 years ago. And was it a decent investment? You see there is a phenomenon called “inflation” in our global economy.
  • In simplistic words, because you have $100 this year and you will purchase commodity A with it, this commodity would cost $105 at an increase of 5 per cent next year. At the same time , the bank offers you interest rate savings to deposit this money 3-4 per cent, which means you’ll have $104 at the end of the year.
  • While we know the banks offered savings interest rates of 15-18 percent a few years ago (which seems impressive), they did so in times when inflation was 20 percent, because that’s how things work: the saving interest rates are linked to the inflation of the economy. It ensures you ‘re never really maximizing that by getting your capital in the balance, though it appears you are.
  • The only downside you have is that there’s no resources to carry with you. When there’s the Trust. And that’s a huge if these days, since we’ve all heard the news that big, well-respected banks are going bankrupt and honest hardworking people have lost the savings of their lives.

On the other hand, you have Money Investments in the platform of Best online trading site. which means that instead of depositing the money that you saved in a bank, you are using it today to buy something that will be worth more tomorrow so you can sell it with a profit. It sounds easy but note. Simple does NOT equal simple because tomorrow isn’t always worth more than today.

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