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The World is hit by the deadly virus and because of which everyone in this world is facing a huge back down. All the people in this world have to lock themselves as it is not safe out there. With several issues one such issue that has a huge effect is one their studies. With the help of technology, you can let your kids learn online that will help in growing their knowledge and built up their skills. There are many online learning apps that you could use for your kids where you can make sure they don’t miss out on their studies plus they stay safe at home.

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Best Educational Tech Applications


BYJU’S the learning app is said to one of the best applications be it for ICSE, CBSE or state board where have video classes with in-depth explanation and many sample papers are given for preparing your kid. You can completely be reliable upon where they conduct regular chapter wise test and also provide detailed analysis on your performance.

Merit Nation

Merit Nation is one of the best online learning apps that you can pick for seeking homework help and clearing your doubts where they come up with NCERT Solutions. They have a option of Q and A so that you could get free answers. Also, there are into video lessons for easy explanations with many sample papers.

Unfold U

Unfold U is another learning app that you pick for e learning as the content here are available on both Hindi and English plus video lessons for better understanding. You can talk to the experts anytime you want plus you can have a look on your detailed analysis. The Rates here are quite affordable than other apps.

My CBSE Guide

If you are CBSE student then My CBSE Guide is just perfect for you. Here you can get detailed information of the studies form 3rd to 12th class. Here you can find the all the important questions according to chapters plus you can also practice online test too. They also have revision notes for the students for free.

These are some of the best online learning apps that are highly recommended to all the students where you can get all the information available in details plus you can also keep a track on your kid and know they have been performing.

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